28 year old living in the city that never sleeps

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Were has time gone

I’m turning 29 in little less then two week and I am godfather, i know two of my best friends have kids and i’m single let me not complain life over all for me is good just someone everyone need that person to go to when there down. 


so tonight i come to realization what my best friend was telling me it was like slap in the face i couldn’t stop from happening and it got me thinking what i can do for myself fact is i try tell people who i’m close to how i see it and that how i am but i think everything that happen tonight happen for a reason i don’t know what god had waiting for me but please give me a hit i’m tired of being in the dark.

have my apartment to myself and it was what i need this weekend i look back everything i been throw in yea after my break up and i in a better places i don’t feel alone fact are this i have amazing friend/co workers i working my butt off to take care myself. i find single life not so bad only one part of life.